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Non-official Theros(THS) Update

edited September 2013
01.Extract mtg.jar to dir: \Virtual Playtable\Magic and replace (Don't Forget to backup the original file).
02.Put in your image folder (check your VPT program settings for the right dir).
03.Launch and have fun :P

Update list:
01.Theros set data added.
02.Format List updated.
03.Two tokens added(2/2 Green Boar and 2/2 Blue bird).

This update haven't introduced the new card type Enchantment Creature yet.
All Enchantment Creatures are not showing with special card frame or new Icon.
They are regarded as Enchantment by DEFAULT.
Only English and Simplifed Chinese are added. If you need other languages, let me know.


THS update for VPT.rar

Already tested for several days.


  • Images 're not working fully.

    The cards are in the right place and the program it's ok!
    No works in Original image
    No in printed image
    No in errated text.

    but, still nice ^_^ thanks for this :) I can play theros now.

    ^_^ hope you read this, I will send you a email.
  • @tinchomey:
    Did u put the image pack in the ryt dir?
    Did u check the program for image folder settings?
    The default image location is /mtg.jar/image and it makes no sense(it's in the jar file).
    Browse for a folder and change it.
    It works for me and my frnds.
    The most probably reason for this NO-IMG-SHOWIN issue is the location setting.
    Check it agn plz. if still not workin, let me know. :)
    Hav a g'day.
  • Oh! my bad! I had bad adress [It takes the mtg.jar and not the folder]

    This is great, rly thanks for the quickly response too :)
    And sorry for my english, im from ARG.

    See ya in the game ^_^
  • Nice work, but mythic rares seem to be showing as rare?
  • Journey into Nyx card data xml exported from
  • Thanks for the card xml files Daichi
    I have managed to create Journey into Nyx a card database for the playtable.
    Unfortunately the Images don't work yet, as there is not yet an image database for JOU.
    Here is the download link

    1. Unzip mtgjourney into
    2. Go to my dir:documents/virtual playable/magic, rename mtg.xml to (make sure to back up)
    3. Extract the mtg file and add/replace
    4. Open Virtual playable and JOU should be added.
  • edited April 2014
    new version 0.8.6 with bug fixes and Journey into Nyx set will be released today later.
  • Awesome! can't wait for the Journey into Nyx update.
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