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Full HQ Card Scans in Online Play

edited September 2013
Can we play online with the downloaded full HQ card scans? NOT the one that the program renders.
& I mean WITHOUT hold left click the images/in deck editor only.


  • currently, no. Becuase for play you should see Errated text
    But later I will add in play option for it.
  • I see... thanks for your fast reply.
    It's great to see ravnica watermarks/others behind the text (like in full card scans).
    I'm looking forward to it!
  • I really like the card renders with all the errata in Virtual Playtable, I'm pretty sure watermarks can also be added at a later date.
  • I agree with Daichi. The errataed cards are so useful and are an excellent part of VPT. Thanks very much for them, Detonator.
  • Also if the default mode is to render 3/4 of the card, having the option to just downloading crops instead of full frame would save hard drive space.
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