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[Updates] Expansion Symbols, Turn Structure Images, Font, German Editions

edited March 2013

As the topic suggests, I have been doing quite some work on Virtual Playtable, but before I go into detail, here's the file where you can get everything I've been working on so far:

Well then, the ZIP archive's content:

1.) Expansion Symbols

Due to the varying quality of the expansion symbols in VPT 0.8.1, I've decided to do a complete overhaul of them.

The result is a compilation of high quality PNG expansion symbols created from vector graphics that covers almost all editions VTP supports (minor editions like "Alternate Art Lands" or "Ultra Rare" excluded due to indeterminable expansion symbols). The files are formatted in accordance with VPT's naming system.

2.) Turn Structure Images

I've created alternative turn structure images for those of you who might want to change those from the MWS's days.

Of course, I'd be honored if they will be used in the official version.

3.) Font

Since an acquaintance of mine hardly speaks English and we've been playing mostly older editions, I was annoyed by the missing characters in the font for older Magic cards in German. As a result, I added all Latin-based diacritics used by VPT's languages to the font, including the "AE" letter that was missing in some English cards.

4.) German Editions

As I said earlier, an acquaintance of mine doesn't speak English well, so I started proofreading German editions and added also some that were not integrated yet. I hope I will find the necessary time to go through all remaining editions I haven't looked through yet. As of now, I finished proofreading "Tempest.ger.xml", "Revised Edition.ger.xml", "Homelands.ger.xml", "4th Edition.ger.xml, and added "Stronghold.ger.xml".

5.) Translating VPT

Due to above-mentioned reasons, I'm willing to translate VPT's interface into German.




  • Not to be dense, but where do these go? I can't find any equivalent existing folders either in program files/Virtual Playtable or in my documents/Virtual Playtable.

  • As of now, you could only use the font and the turn structure images. The expansion symbols have to be processed by Detonator and integrated.

    If you want to use the first two, you have to them add manually to the mtg.jar.

    Open it with something like WinRAR and copy my files into the respective folders.
  • As Shirogane said, even though I don't have any skills in programming I'm willing to help to translate VPT into Italian.
    That would be fine to create an internal pool of translators in order to get Detonator's work to flow faster. Is that possible?
  • edited March 2013
    Set Icons converted to GIF and named properly:

    For those who are interested the default icons take up ~3.15MB, while the newer ones take up less than 1MB.

    Two sets (decks really) I noticed that were missing are:
    DDJ - Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari
    DDK - Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt
  • I did something my Gatecrash cards are nothing but gray and I can't find the original GTC images download
  • Updated the

    > Proofread (so far): 4th Edition, Homelands, Mirage, Revised Edition, Tempest, Visions, Weatherlight
    > Added (so far): Exodus, Stronghold, Urza's Saga
    > One image in turn structure images

    I appreciate your efforts, twiz, but that wasn't actually my intention. Due to the considerable quality loss that comes with the GIF format, I originally wanted them to stay PNG. The filenames were also part of the intended changes, as they are uniform with the filenames of the sets.
  • There is actually almost no loss in quality between the PNGs and GIFs in this instance, since there isn't a large number of colors in each image, but there is a 33% savings in size. Admittedly you will lose out on the smooth semi-transparent edges but that's to be expected, and should be mitigated in the scaling process.

    While the files use the names of the set, they don't use set codes, which is what the game uses and would be consistent across all languages. By using different names and different formats, you're essentially asking for a (major) rewrite/update of the code used to read/process/scale/display the set icons.

    An update with new, better quality and more uniform sized set icons, like what I've done with the PNGs you've provided, was asked for in the past and noted as low priority due to the other features which impact players far more (like adding sideboard support, the issues with shuffling, moving cards to different zones/players, 'unusual' card states (face down exiled), issues with copying tokens, etc).

    I don't want to discourage you from any other contributions to this game, since we're all players and all want a better experience, but I feel it's more important to have contributions that are usable for players now, rather than ones that require major edits that only Detonator can do, since the last official update was 5 months ago (4+ if you count the subtly released beta).
  • edited April 2013
    Yeah, you're right. Changes we implement should not rely on Detonator's involvement, as he has more important matters to address.

    Well, I just didn't like that obscure file naming system of the sets and that ridiculously outdated image format GIF. ;-)
  • edited April 2013
    > almost no loss in quality between the PNGs and GIFs

    PNG support alpha blending and semi-transparent edges, GIFs support only fully transparent pixels with sharp edges
    It's preferable to use PNG for all set icons.
  • edited April 2013
    So, I guess, the PNG symbols will be used? Despite coding efforts?

    What about the name formatting, Detonator?
  • yes, png is already supported in code, you can use 10E_C.png
    I will change java routine to support set icons in form "10th Edition.C.png" and post compiled Module.class there.
  • edited April 2013
    I don't mean to push my luck at this point, but any plans for a new release in the near future? :-)
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