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Connection error: Connection lost

edited August 2013
first of all i'd like to say thanks for this awesome program, it's really well made; the only thing i miss from MWS is the possibility to sort cards in different ways (like mana cost, name, etc).

btw any time i connect to the server ( after some seconds i get disconnected and a popup appear saying "Connection error: Connection lost".


  • I'm working on sorting and some other deck editor enchantments, it will be in next version.

    Connection to server is stable for me, may be you need to add VPT in exception list in your firewall or NAT bypass in router. VPT uses ports 4747,4748,4749,4750 and UDP/TCP connection type.
    Later I will try to implement better connection diagnostic, but currently I don't have enough time for it.
  • thanks it works now
    keep up the good work!
  • I ran into similar issue every now and then, not sure if its the firewall that causes the connection problem as all those settings had never been changed since I install VP
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